About Us


Mesa Kinetic Research LLC was founded in November of 2011 by Vincent Buckles in Gonzales LA. Looking to bring a new dynamic to firearm design and applications, Buckles along with Jake Guidry moved forward with the firm, working with many third party industry players in the development and testing stages of their systems. Mesa has been blessed with the ability to work with many different sides of the industry from the very beginning stages of developing a new system to the real world operators who field such systems in combat.

In spring of 2012 when it was made public that Buckles had left the Discovery Channel series Sons of Guns, MKR was hit with yet another wave of demands for custom firearm builds. Having planned ahead for this, Mesa had applied for and was issued a Federal Firearms Manufacturing License and a Class 2 SOT allowing us to build both standard Title One firearms as well as weapons restricted by the National Firearms Act of 1934 such as short barreled rifles, shotguns, suppressors, and restricted sale full auto firearms.

In December of 2012, Mesa consolidated its facilities into one location in Gonzales, LA. The new shop features a full machine, fabrication, and prototype shop, gunsmithing stations, and a hand loading and ballistics testing workshop. The building is fronted by the retail child of the company: Khyber Pass Tactical. Khyber Pass specializes in providing locals and passing travelers with something the area had been lacking; a tactical oriented gun store with a knowledgeable staff and a complete focus on those who carry a firearm for something besides sport. While most everyone at MKR agrees hunting is an excellent pastime and satisfying way to fill your family’s freezer with food, we acknowledge first and foremost that the 2nd amendment is about the right of the people to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.

Mesa Kinetic Research is owned and operated by Vincent Buckles, a graduate of Pennsylvania Gunsmith School, Career Gunsmith, NRA Life Member, GOA Life Member, and uncompromising 2nd Amendment advocate.